Comparison Between Dermabrasion And Micro-dermabrasion Clinic

Every individual is quite particular about his personality and his looks especially about his facial skin. This case applies for both genders; be it men or women. This is the reason that people keep using and applying different procedures to get the better skin and to reduce the scars from the face. If you feel confident after using those products or undergoing through any procedure to beautify yourself then there is nothing wrong in it. There are whole lot of ways and procedures to get the best skin possible. Some people opt for herbal methods which freshen up the skin but leave its effect for quite short time period. Then there are people who modify themselves by using cosmetic products which are also good but fade away with one wash. However, the medical procedures lasts the longest among all other procedures. One such process or treatment of purifying or smoothen your skin is micro-dermabrasion. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between dermabrasion and eyebrow tattoo Penrith. 

Micro-dermabrasion clinic:

Micro- dermabrasion is the way of treating all of the flaws of skin (facial skin). These flaws can vary from the dark spots to scars and from acne to wrinkle son your face. In fact, the purpose of this process is to glorify your face’s skin in the best way possible. Micro-dermabrasion is carried out by throwing the micro-sized crystals on the face of a person in such a way that it removes all of the dead or unhealthy skin of your face. It purifies the dermal skin of your face that you do not need to worry about your facial marks anymore. This treatment of micro-dermabrasion is provided by the micro-dermabrasion clinics. This clinic also provides the service of microblading tattoo. 

Comparison between dermabrasion and micro-dermabrasion clinic:

Even though both the processes of dermabrasion and nice microdermabrasion are related to the facial skin of a person but there are some differences between the two. The process of dermabrasion requires little more pressure which can cause the skin to bleed as well but the after results are spectacular. However, in the process of micro-dermabrasion, no pressure is applied; results are good as well but not as good as the one in dermabrasion. There is no need to numb the skin in case of micro-dermabrasion treatment. On the other hand, anaesthesia is must while carrying out the process of dermabrasion. The clinics of both the processes differ accordingly.


Micro-dermabrasion clinic is the kind of a medical clinic which provides the service of micro-dermabrasion treatment along with many other such treatments like microblading tattoo, etc. Micro-dermabrasion is the way to remove all of the flaws of your facial skin like scars, wrinkles, dark spots and to glorify your facial skin in the best way possible. Micro-dermabrasion differs from dermabrasion in lots of respects and their clinics differ accordingly. “So glamorous” is considered as one of the best micro-dermabrasion clinic in Australia.